Why XSUBS?  Although not everyone has the opportunity to serve in the military, I'm especially proud to have been a submariner.  I use the principles I was taught from my navy nuclear and submarine trainng and the experience I've gained in the civilian workd to help power generating assets.  At XSUBS I like to say that you'll score a HIT:


H - Honesty

I -  Integrity

T - Technical expertise


Specific areas of experience:

  1. Manage Operations and Maintenance Activities
  2. Develop and manage multi-million dollar budgets
  3. Manage Power Purchase Agreements
  4. Oversee O&M Contractor
  5. Project modeling
  6. Develop test procedures in accordance with ASME Performance Test Codes
  7. Due Diligence and Asset Evaluation
  8. Operations Support (intermin operator)
  9. General Project Management
  10. Engineering and QA support


Click on Experiences above to see presentations on what I've done in the past and can do for your facility.  The Case Studies link gives details on areas of improvement that I recommended/implemented on a couple of projects.

I go just about anywhere!


XSUBS has worked in the US, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Guinea, Angola, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.


XSUBS is ready and willing to mobilize to your asset.